Air Motors For Dental Handpieces Drills

We repair all make and models of Air Motors and Handpieces with inbuilt Air Motors.

KaVo: 181L, 181c, 700
KaVo Air Motor handpieces: INTRAflex 2320LN, 2307LN

NSK: Ti-Max X205L (M1013), M205LG Dyna LED (M1018), M205 (M1007), FX205 (M10050002), Ti-205L (M190), Ti-205,  IS-205, EX-203, EX-203C, EX103
NSK Air Motor handpieces: PTL-950Ti LED (M184), PTL-SDN (M120), P200 LED (P411) PTL-CD (M104), PTL-CR (M105), NPB-PTL (C801), ARS-PTL (C83)

W&H: LT25, A-25, AM25

MK-dent: Prime Line

If your Air Motor is not listed please don’t hesitate to call and ask us: 1300 101 404