High-speed Handpiece Repair

KaVo, NSK, Morita, MK-Dent, Sirona, Siemens, W&H, Bien Air, Star, and more…

We offer unbeatable value on high-speed handpiece repair including:

  • 24 hour turnaround
  • 12 months warranty –
    industry leading*
  • Starting from $190.00

*Other repairers only offer 2-6 months warranty while our minimum standard is 12  MONTHS WARRANTY.

High-speed Handpiece Service Options

 New turbine Fresh Start
turbine  New turbine Rebuilt
bearings  OEM Ceramic
o-rings + washers  Replaced Replaced
clean, polish + lube  Yes Yes
turnaround  24 hours 24 hours
warranty  12 months 12 months


Other Handpiece Repair Services

We can also repair and replace;

  • spindles
  • impellers
  • chucks
  • fiber optic bundles
  • globes
  • gaskets
  • re-soldering of air and water tubes
  • missing or damaged parts and screws
  • damaged handpiece heads

New Turbines

When turbines can no longer be rebuilt, new, fully balanced OEM ceramic bearing turbines are supplied and fitted.